The Everglades: River of Grass Fun Activities

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Animals in the Everglades

Research an animal found in the Everglades. Where did it originate? How did it arrive in the Everglades? How has it evolved? Does it still exist today? If so, where? If not, why not? Share your findings in a five-minute presentation.

In the Wild: the Art of Henri Morseau

Look at examples of the artist's work. Create your own work using his as inspiration.

Environmental Activist Organization

Work with a small group to research an environmental activist organization. When was the organization established? Why was it formed? Who formed it? Who is involved with it today? What work does it do today? What impact has it had on the environment? Share your findings with the class in a ten-minute presentation.

John James Audubon

Who was john James Audubon? How has his work influenced our knowledge of environments in the U.S.? How is his...

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