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Essay Topic 1

The Everglades were first inhabited by Native American tribes.

Part 1) Describe these Native American tribes and their migration to Florida. How did they adapt to Florida? How do these tribes compare to each other?

Part 2) How did these tribes react to the arrival of European explorers and settlers? How did they later react to Florida's statehood and increased population? Why did the white settlers treat the Native Americans the way they did?

Part 3) How does the migration of the Native Americans compare to migration elsewhere in the world? How does the treatment of the Native Americans by the white man compare to the treatment of other native groups by the white man? What does this say about the white man?

Essay Topic 2

The Everglades are a tropical region in Florida.

Part 1) Describe the Everglades. How do they compare to other regions on Florida? How does Florida...

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