The Everglades: River of Grass Character Descriptions

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Chief Carlos

This character was the head of the Calusas and referred to as the greatest chief among the Indians in Florida.

Menendez de Aviles

This character was a Spanish seaman, lord, fighter and leader. His family married him to a ten-year-old girl, Maria de Solis, when he was eight-years-old.


This character was the son of the Indian king, Philip, who, along with his father, was imprisoned at St. Augustine in September 1837 over the issue of migration to the west. Known as Wildcat, he continued to fight the relocation attempts of the government.

Henry E. Perrine

This character was a medical doctor who came to Indian Key. He was interested in tropical botany and one of the first to recognize the value of quinine in the treatment of malaria.

Colonel Zachary Taylor

This character was an Army officer and hero of the Mexican American War. He went...

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