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Chapter I

• There is no other place on Earth like the Everglades of Florida, and the name 'Everglades' first came into use in the early 1800s.

• The author describes the Everglades' location, rainfall, and other details.
• There is a large diversity of life in the Everglades, both flora and animal.

Chapter II

• Man did not originate in the Everglades or Florida.

• Many animals also migrated to Florida and were trapped there since Florida is a peninsula.
• The Indians were descended from Mongolians; once in southern Florida, they slowly developed their own civilization.

• The Indian tribes and details about their cultures is given.

Chapter III

• The Age of Exploration began as Europeans looked for a way of reaching Asia.

• Colonies were established in various parts of the world as a result of sea travel; they began to hypothesize that the world was round.

• In 1492, Spain sponsored an expedition by...

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