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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Beauvoir explain that artists can betray their aim with their aesthetic justification?

2. How does the type of future facing individual humans affect civilizations such as Ancient Greece and Rome, according to Beauvoir?

3. What are the two meanings that Beauvoir gives to the word future.

4. In the challenge for those who suffer more than one oppressor, what answer does Beauvoir offer?

5. What are projects according to Beauvoir?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Beauvoir claim that science can find truth?

2. How does Beauvoir claim living as an existentialist would affect men?

3. Why does Beauvoir suggest man's life must always be an energetic striving?

4. How does ambiguity affect man when he faces failure and outrageousness, according to Beauvoir?

5. What does Beauvoir mean with the phrase "Antinomies of Action"?

6. How do societies attempt to help individuals hold onto the present according to Beauvoir?

7. How does Beauvoir relate death to life?

8. What is the one solution that Beauvoir offers to the oppressed?

9. How does Beauvoir show that the complexity of the world affects those who are fighting for a cause?

10. What does Beauvoir identify as one of the chief objections leveled against existentialism with regard to freedom?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Beauvoir begins Chapter Three by explaining the social aspect of freedom and then details the affect of the "Aesthetic Attitude" on it. Examine the "Aesthetic Attitude", whether or not it has a positive influence on freedom, and what sort of individual detailed by Beauvoir (the sub-man, the serious man, the adventurer, the nihilist, or the passionate man) is most likely to adopt this attitude.

Essay Topic 2

Beauvoir connects projects, creativity and time as elements that can help man develop free will. Show Beauvoir relates the three to each other to prove her point. Use life applications to prove Beauvoir's assertions.

Essay Topic 3

Beauvoir identifies adults who conduct themselves as, "grown up children." Identify the conditions Beauvoir notes that places an individual in this condition, provide evidence from history or current events that this condition has manifested itself on a broad basis, and detail how the individuals in that condition were broken from it.

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