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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Beauvoir define the present?

2. What example does Beauvoir use to illustrate "...festivals (that) stop the movement of transcendence?"

3. What does Beauvoir claim to be the only solution for those who are oppressed?

4. How does Beauvoir claim that the individual with the Aesthetic Attitude regard his role in history?

5. What does Beauvoir suggest of movements whose means of achieving a goal contradicts the goal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is an example that Beauvoir uses to illustrate the "Antinomies of Action"?

2. What does Beauvoir identify as one of the chief objections leveled against existentialism with regard to freedom?

3. What is the one solution that Beauvoir offers to the oppressed?

4. What does Beauvoir claim becomes of those who adopt the Aesthetic Attitude?

5. What does Beauvoir mean when she says life id ambiguous?

6. How do societies attempt to help individuals hold onto the present according to Beauvoir?

7. What are the two meanings that Beauvoir gives for the future?

8. How does Beauvoir claim that science can find truth?

9. How does Beauvoir claim that we can best secure our personal freedom?

10. How does Beauvoir claim living as an existentialist would affect men?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Beauvoir connects projects, creativity and time as elements that can help man develop free will. Show Beauvoir relates the three to each other to prove her point. Use life applications to prove Beauvoir's assertions.

Essay Topic 2

Beauvoir examines two meanings of the word "future". Examine the two meanings and Beauvoir's contexts for those two meanings and her criticisms against the way they are applied. Choose one of Beauvoir's meanings for "future" and detail how it shapes your attitude toward your projects and efforts to develop your free will.

Essay Topic 3

Beauvoir begins Chapter One, "Ambiguity and Freedom" with a brief review of materialism, dualism, and existentialism and how they either affirm or disregard the ambiguous nature of life. Give choose one of the philosophies and summarize Beauvoir's views on it, then comment on your agreement or disagreement with Beauvoir based upon your perspective of the philosophy you have chosen. Support your argument with proofs from "The Ethics of Ambiguity" and from at least one outside source.

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