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Short Answer Questions

1. What influence does Beauvoir claim revolt has on the world.

2. How does Beauvoir claim an individual can prevent life from being defined as an escape toward nothingness?

3. How does Beauvoir define the present?

4. How does Beauvoir define the Aesthetic Attitude?

5. How does Beauvoir establish the relationship between things and man in human action?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do societies attempt to help individuals hold onto the present according to Beauvoir?

2. Why does Beauvoir suggest man's life must always be an energetic striving?

3. How does Beauvoir claim living as an existentialist would affect men?

4. What does Beauvoir claim prevents the future from being considered a harmonious development?

5. What are the two meanings that Beauvoir gives for the future?

6. How does ambiguity affect man when he faces failure and outrageousness, according to Beauvoir?

7. How does Beauvoir claim that we can best secure our personal freedom?

8. How does Beauvoir represent the present in the face of the future?

9. What is the one solution that Beauvoir offers to the oppressed?

10. How does Beauvoir dispute the idea that individual freedom does not lead to anarchy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of Chapter Three, Beauvoir examines the role of politics in either establishing and protecting freedom or leading to tyranny. Choose one of Beauvoir's explanations of the role of either politics or violence leading to either freedom or tyranny and give your support or opposition to her view. Support your position with language from "The Ethics of Ambiguity" or from outside sources.

Essay Topic 2

Are Beauvoir's writings on accepting the ambiguous nature of life practical today? Identify three principles she articulates in "The Ethics of Ambiguity" that you consider to be important to preserving freedom today. Write why you consider them to be important, what sort of affect the application of these principles on a broad basis would have on freedom and general society, and how you plan to implement these principles in your life.

Essay Topic 3

Define Beauvoir's term, "serious man." What are the positive and negative aspects of this condition, and how does an individual move into it? Does modern society encourage individuals to accept this condition? How does the modern social view of the "serious man" affect the quality of freedom for communities, cultures, and nations?

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