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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Beauvoir report to be the child's situation?

2. How does Beauvoir identify dualism?

3. How does Beauvoir introduce the role of God in the discussion of ethics?

4. How does Beauvoir define nihilism?

5. How does Beauvoir compare women to slaves?

Short Essay Questions

1. With what quote from Descartes does Beauvoir begin Section II?

2. How does Beauvoir explain that willing bad is possible?

3. According to Beauvoir, how have existentialists defined their philosophy?

4. How does Beauvoir claim that man can disclose being?

5. How does Beauvoir show that the "sub-man" passes into being a serious man?

6. How does Beauvoir relate nature of man's existence to the past, present, and future in Part I?

7. How does Beauvoir claim one can avoid nihilism?

8. What does Beauvoir point out as the difference between the passionate man and the adventurer?

9. How does Beauvoir claim that man can rise to a higher moral freedom?

10. How does Beauvoir claim an individual makes himself a "sub-man"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define Beauvoir's term, "serious man." What are the positive and negative aspects of this condition, and how does an individual move into it? Does modern society encourage individuals to accept this condition? How does the modern social view of the "serious man" affect the quality of freedom for communities, cultures, and nations?

Essay Topic 2

Beauvoir connects projects, creativity and time as elements that can help man develop free will. Show Beauvoir relates the three to each other to prove her point. Use life applications to prove Beauvoir's assertions.

Essay Topic 3

Beauvoir devotes her section on "Ambiguity" to answering criticism of her views regarding its role in personal freedom. Compare and contrast Beauvoir's position to those that she answers both in Chapter Three and earlier in the book. What are of Beauvoir's views on ambiguity as well as those which dissent with her view? What are the disadvantages of each? Do you agree with Beauvoir or her detractors. Explain your answer.

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