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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Beauvoir explain that the serious man becomes a dangerous tyrant?

2. What claim of existentialists does Beauvoir offer in defense of detractors to existentialism?

3. What relationship does Beauvoir identify between ethics and facticity?

4. What does Beauvoir claim a child can do due to his state of security?

5. How does Beauvoir explain how goals supplant freedom in the life of the serious man?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Beauvoir claim that man can rise to a higher moral freedom?

2. According to Beauvoir, how have existentialists defined their philosophy?

3. How does Beauvoir claim that spontaneity affects man's freedom?

4. What does Beauvoir suggest causes the infantile world to begin to pass away by adolescence?

5. What does Beauvoir report that Sartre taught regarding the being of man?

6. How does Beauvoir explain that nihilism becomes the desire for power?

7. How does Beauvoir claim that man can disclose being?

8. To what does Beauvoir credit the development of many different philosophical world views?

9. What does Beauvoir note has been claimed of the nature of existentialism as a philosophy?

10. What faces the adolescent who is being liberated from the infantile world, according to Beauvoir?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Beauvoir connects projects, creativity and time as elements that can help man develop free will. Show Beauvoir relates the three to each other to prove her point. Use life applications to prove Beauvoir's assertions.

Essay Topic 2

Beauvoir concludes her book with a defense that her ethical principles regarding ambiguity are individualistic. Support or criticize her position with statements from her book and evidence from personal experiences and history.

Essay Topic 3

Beauvoir begins Chapter One, "Ambiguity and Freedom" with a brief review of materialism, dualism, and existentialism and how they either affirm or disregard the ambiguous nature of life. Give choose one of the philosophies and summarize Beauvoir's views on it, then comment on your agreement or disagreement with Beauvoir based upon your perspective of the philosophy you have chosen. Support your argument with proofs from "The Ethics of Ambiguity" and from at least one outside source.

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