The Ethics of Ambiguity; Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Chapter 1, Ambiguity and Freedom

1. What does Beauvoir claim comes, "...between the past which no longer is and the future which is not yet,..."?
(a) The ever changing moment of the present.
(b) This moment when (the individual) exists.
(c) The crossroads of reality.
(d) The point at which time ceases to move.

2. How does Beauvoir define materialist philosophers?
(a) Those who "see no life after this one".
(b) Those who have "striven to reduce mind to matter".
(c) Those who see "no value in thought".
(d) Those who "conceive all matter as eternal".

3. How does Beauvoir identify dualism?
(a) They are thinkers that claim that each individual is destined to live a brief physical life and an eternal spiritual life.
(b) They are thinkers that set to prove that each life has a dual existence in a different dimension.
(c) They are thinkers that establish a hierarchy between body and soul.
(d) They are thinkers that believe that the only two human values are life and death.

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