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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Simone du Beauvoir

Beauvoir refers to Hegel throughout "The Ethics of Ambiguity". Read Hegel's philosophy of right and compare his views regarding God, ambiguity, morality, action, and time to Beauvoir's views.

Karl Marx and Simone du Beauvoir

Read "The Communist Manifesto" and compare Marx' views on labor, oppression, and revolution to those of Beauvoir.

Jean Paul Sartre and Simone du Beauvoir

Read Sartre's "Being and Nothingness" and compare Sartre's views on existence and life to those of Beauvoir as she explained them in "The Ethics of Ambiguity".

Existentialism and being

Investigate at least three existentialist essays regarding the nature of being. Write a commentary on the views expressed in the essays and how they compare to Beauvoir's views on the same as she expressed in "The Ethics of Ambiguity".

God v. Simone du Beauvoir

Beauvoir makes many comments regarding God. Find language from...

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