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Essay Topic 1

Are Beauvoir's writings on accepting the ambiguous nature of life practical today? Identify three principles she articulates in "The Ethics of Ambiguity" that you consider to be important to preserving freedom today. Write why you consider them to be important, what sort of affect the application of these principles on a broad basis would have on freedom and general society, and how you plan to implement these principles in your life.

Essay Topic 2

Beauvoir begins Chapter One, "Ambiguity and Freedom" with a brief review of materialism, dualism, and existentialism and how they either affirm or disregard the ambiguous nature of life. Give choose one of the philosophies and summarize Beauvoir's views on it, then comment on your agreement or disagreement with Beauvoir based upon your perspective of the philosophy you have chosen. Support your argument with proofs from "The Ethics of Ambiguity" and from at least...

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