The Ethics of Ambiguity; Character Descriptions

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Simone de Beauvoir

The author of "The Ethics of Ambiguity" whose philosophy of the moral life pervades the book. One of the most important postwar French existentialists and writers, the author addressed many topics, including feminism and ethics but was also known for political thought.

The Free Man

The only condition in which men can be truly ethical. For Beauvoir, man exists in a paradoxical state of striving to transcend his being, despite being trapped into certain social roles by the world. This condition is self-determining or autonomous and recognizes himself as his own absolute and embraces spontaneity. This condition accepts the ambiguity of the world and the ambiguity of personal identity.

Jean-Paul Sartre

One of the fathers of existentialism and an inspiration to the author of "The Ethics of Ambiguity".

Immanuel Kant

The late 18th century philosopher who understood the world in terms of the absolute, transcendental...

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