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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Solomon Poems : Chapter 1, Islam & Christianity in the Middle East.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What main lesson does Rumi impart through his poem about a man who wants a tattoo in Book 1, Chapter 2?
(a) Tattoos are a waste of time and money.
(b) A man better have enough money before he goes about desiring frivolous things.
(c) When embarking upon a task, one must be prepared for the associated pain.
(d) A person must listen to one's own heart rather than the babble of others.

2. Rumi's short-story poems range from less than fifty lines to approximately what length?
(a) A hundred twenty lines.
(b) Two hundred lines.
(c) Ten thousand lines.
(d) Two thousand lines.

3. In the book, Coleman Barks is the author of what?
(a) Conclusion.
(b) Introduction.
(c) Appendix.
(d) Chapter Three.

4. Most of Rumi's poems presented in this book exhibit what form?
(a) Formal repeating pattern.
(b) Light free verse.
(c) Strict syllable counts.
(d) Rhyming verse.

5. In this book, the term "nafs" refers to what?
(a) A food commonly consumed during Rumi's time.
(b) The part of the soul associated with desires.
(c) A style of poetry developed by Rumi.
(d) The highest state of enlightenment.

Short Answer Questions

1. In one poem in Book 2, Chapter 1, Rumi states that every sheik rides a lion, whether that lion is:

2. How did others regard Shams?

3. Before responding to the king's command in a poem in Book 1, Chapter 3, what does Ayaz do?

4. Relative to Rumi, who was Shams Tabriz?

5. The poem in Book 1, Chapter 3 about the lame goat teaches readers how to be good:

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