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Essay Topic 1

Who was Rumi? Who was Coleman Barks? Why do Rumi's poems resonate so well with Barks? Draw parallels between the 13th-century mystic poet and the contemporary scholar translating his poems.

Essay Topic 2

In detail, describe Rumi's three best friends: Shams, Saladin, and Husam. In what ways were they similar? How did they differ from each other? How did these three friends enrich the poet's life?

Essay Topic 3

Using at least three examples from Rumi's poetry, explain his views on cultivating love. How does he teach his students about this topic through his poems? What conclusion, if any, does he reach regarding the attainment of love?

Essay Topic 4

What are Rumi's views on friendship? In his eyes, what defines a good friendship? How does a good friendship contribute to a person's quality of life? How does a close friendship help an individual evolve and grow? Cite specific...

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