The Essential Rumi Character Descriptions

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A close friend of the poet, this person one day disappears and is thought to have been murdered, though this remains unconfirmed.

Jesus the Christ

This person is a spiritual teacher from Nazareth whose life story is used as a point of reference in many of the poet's writings.


This person brought Islam to the world and has the reputation of being gentle, kind, and wise.


This animal lives near a pond and is used by the poet to describe a deeply important relationship between two very dissimilar entities in a poem entitled "The Long String."


This animal lives in a pond and appears in two poems, "The Long String" and "The Force of Friendship."

Saladin Zarkub

This person is a goldsmith and very close friend of the poet.

Husam Chelebi

This person is a scribe and one of the poet's students and close...

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