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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an aqueous martini?
(a) Cold water served in a mug.
(b) Cold water served with a slice of lemon.
(c) Cold water served in a fancy glass with an olive.
(d) Cold water served with pickles.

2. According to the narrator, what is an alternative meaning of 'mixed bag"?
(a) Placing a plastic bag in the bowl and mixing it with food.
(b) Placing a plastic bag in the bowl and tossing it.
(c) Placing a plastic bag and mixing it with cake batter.
(d) Placing a plastic bag in the bowl and stirring it around.

3. What is Violet's favorite place to visit in the city?
(a) Verne Invention Museum.
(b) The war memorial.
(c) The museum of art.
(d) The local library.

4. Why doesn't Jerome want to force Gunther to remove his boots?
(a) He doesn't want to smell his feet.
(b) He is hungry and wants to go eat.
(c) He forgets.
(d) He doesn't want to be rude.

5. Each morning, who takes the children to places in town?
(a) Jerome.
(b) Esme.
(c) Violet.
(d) Mr. Poe.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the narrator, which of the two elements he mentions is a gas?

2. Who are the orphans' new guardians?

3. How could the Baudelaire children tell the clothes would dwarf them by comparison?

4. How many rooms does the Squalor's home have?

5. What does Violet hope the new guardians will have for her when she gets to the apartment?

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