Objects & Places from The Ersatz Elevator

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667 Dark Avenue

This place is located in the exclusive part of town. Huge trees temporarily line the street until dark goes out of style and light comes in. The trees are quickly chopped down.

Squalor Penthouse

This place is very large with hundreds of rooms.


All the residents must use this item to get to their apartments because the elevators are out.

The In Boutique

This is a place where items are carried.

The Fish District

The place is smelly and has slippery streets.

Café Salmonella

This place centers on one type of fish and serves that fish in everything. The waiters wear costumes.

The Lobby

While waiting in this location, one of the characters discovers an important clue.

The Ersatz Elevator

This object leads to a passageway and to a secret room.

Veblen Hall

This is a very old building with large ornate doors.

Red Herring

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