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Mapping the City

Using the descriptions in "The Ersatz Elevator," create a map of the city and particularly Dark Avenue on butcher paper. Use a red pen to show the In-Boutique, the Squalors' apartment, and the Baudelaire's burned home site. Be sure to put important parts onto the map such as the location of the tunnel that leads between the apartment at Dark Avenue and the Baudelaire's home.

Baudelaires in a Box

Using one of the scenes from "The Ersatz Elevator," create a miniature version in a box. Use dolls, paper dolls, action figures, etc., to re-create the scene. Be sure to use index cards to write a brief summary of the scene to post outside the box for readers. Research clothing, furniture, and accessories from "The Ersatz Elevator" to be authentic in the re-creation. Share with the rest of the class or create a "Story Box Walk...

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