The Ersatz Elevator Character Descriptions

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Violet Baudelaire

This character invents many things that sometimes do not work as planned. This character worries about the Quagmire and is very distraught about their whereabouts.

Klaus Baudelaire

This character is exceptionally bright and well read, and does a lot of research that helps.

Sunny Baudelaire

This character is an infant with very strong teeth. Additionally, this character is extremely brave and performs seemingly impossible tasks.

Mr. Poe

This character has just been promoted, is an ineffective executor, and is seen briefly in the book. By refusing to act, this character places others in danger.

Count Olaf/Gunter

This character hides his identity and manipulates people's sensitivities by speaking with an accent and pretending to be foreign. Additionally, this character's constant pursuit of money causes havoc for other characters.

Jerome Squalor

This character is weak-willed and will not stand up to bullying. Additionally, the character fails to...

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