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Chapter 1

• After escaping the clutches of Count Olaf at Prufrock Prep, the Baudelaires guardian, Mr. Poe, has found them a new set of guardians. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny will now be placed in the care of Jerome and Esme Genevieve Squalor.

• The children soon find that their new address, Dark Avenue, is more than just the name of the street; it is an apt description of their new environment.

• Dark is in, so enormous trees have been planted along the avenue, which completely block out the sun.
• The Baudelaire orphans quickly learn that elevators are out of fashion, so they must take the stairs to the penthouse.

• Mr. Poe was just promoted at Mulctuary Money Management to the position of Vice President in charge of Orphan Affairs.

• This means he will be heading the search for the Baudelaires missing friends, Duncan and Isadora Quagmire.

• Left to climb alone...

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