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Short Answer Questions

1. If your love letters are met with rejection or resistance, what does Ovid recommend?

2. Which of the following does Ovid suggest is a bad idea?

3. Where does Ovid claim to find the most pleasure?

4. What does Ovid suggest can keep passion strong?

5. What does Ovid say about the man who protests to the world, "I am not in love?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What point does Ovid make when he describes the affair of Mars and Venus being discovered and exposed by Vulcan? What does he recommend?

2. Why does Ovid like to promise gifts?

3. What places does Ovid recommend for finding women?

4. What does Ovid recommend to women do regarding any personal flaws they might have?

5. What element does Ovid say is most important when playing games? Why?

6. What does Ovid recommend doing should your lover fall ill?

7. What sort of language does Ovid recommend using when writing to a girl?

8. Does Ovid recommend seclusion as a cure for love? What does he say on the subject?

9. What is Ovid's advice regarding how much to drink at parties?

10. Summarize the story of Procris and Cephalus. What point does Ovid make?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the time of Ovid's life, adultery has become a rampant social issue and the theme of Ovid's erotic poems probably leads to his banishment. Discuss the social issue of adultery in Rome at the time of Ovid's life.

Part 1. What are the social mores regarding adultery in the Rome that Ovid grew up in?

Part 2. What steps do the leaders of Rome take to amend this problem?

Part 3. How does Ovid's erotic poems fit into this scheme and what were the consequences?

Essay Topic 2

Summarize the advice that Ovid gives to men and women regarding what to do to "cure" themselves of love.

Part 1. What advice does he give?

Part 2. How accurate or valuable to you feel his advice is?

Part 3. Is any, most, or all of it still applicable today? What has changed and what hasn't?

Essay Topic 3

As Ovid suggests, does repression worsen the behavior it is meant to control?

Part 1. Explain the situation in which Ovid brings up this concept.

Part 2. How does prohibition create desire?

Part 3. What options are there to law and prohibition in order to control behavior? Is it more effective?

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