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Short Answer Questions

1. Does Ovid have children?

2. Of what does Ovid dream in Amores 3:5?

3. What does the dream interpreter say Ovid's dream means?

4. What is the forte of the parrot that dies in Amores 2:6?

5. In Amores 3:3, what does Ovid say pretty girls should get away with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what happens the time Ovid is impotent.

2. What does Ovid say about abortion?

3. What does Ovid say causes him to turn cold toward Corinna? What is it about her that he does not like?

4. What does Ovid devote an entire poem to compare lovers to in Amores? Why are they similar?

5. What is the nature of the relationship between Corinna and Ovid in Amores book 1? What is the major impediment that stands in their way?

6. Why is Ovid waiting outside a door in Amores 1:6? What does he hope will happen?

7. What is the event that happens to cause Ovid to first offer an elegy and then scorn regarding the writing tablet?

8. Briefly describe Ovid's dream. What does the dream interpreter say it means?

9. How does Corinna's husband's involvement or lack of involvement affect Ovid's feelings for Corinna?

10. When and where was Ovid born? Where and why did his parents move when he was young?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are many social mores regarding sexuality that from Rome in Ovid's time that are similar to those in America in the 1960's. Discuss those social mores.

Part 1. What part of the social mores of the two eras are worthy of comparison?

Part 2. How are they similar? How are they different?

Part 3. Has there been any "progress" or "evolution" since Rome in 2 AD or are we essentially the same?

Essay Topic 2

Rome during Ovid's time is a vast empire and fascinating place. Write an essay about Rome.

Part 1. General information about Rome including its sociology, culture, history, and people.

Part 2. What form of government does Rome have? How is it unique?

Part 3. What social issues plague Rome and what steps are taken to fix them? How does this effect Ovid?

Essay Topic 3

Many of the characters that Ovid cites have complicated stories. Do any of the gods or heroes have a story that particularly intrigues you? The relationship between Achilles and Briseis? The affair of Mars and Venus? The poet Tibullus? The god Cupid? Choose a figure that Ovid cites that interests you and research further into their circumstance and story.

Part 1. Who have you chosen to write about? Why were you attracted to learn more this particular story?

Part 2. Summarize the information you have researched about this figure.

Part 3. What significance does this story or person have?

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