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Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is Ovid speaking in Amores 1:6 as he sits outside the door?

2. When Augustus's daughter Julia reaches adulthood, what does she gain notoriety for?

3. What does Ovid define as his natural weapons in Amores 2:1?

4. Which member of the arguing pair squabbling for his attention does Ovid choose?

5. What does the dream interpreter say Ovid's dream means?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Amores book 3, why does Ovid regret writing elegies of Corinna and her beauty?

2. What happens to Ovid after his banishment? How long does he live?

3. Does Ovid express which kind of woman is "his type?" If so, please describe.

4. What does Ovid devote an entire poem to compare lovers to in Amores? Why are they similar?

5. In Amores 3:11, Ovid grapples with conflicting emotions regarding Corinna. What are they and why?

6. What is the event that happens to cause Ovid to first offer an elegy and then scorn regarding the writing tablet?

7. Why does Corinna's hair fall out? What does Ovid recommend as a solution?

8. What does Ovid say causes him to turn cold toward Corinna? What is it about her that he does not like?

9. What difference does Ovid and his father have about his career?

10. When and where was Ovid born? Where and why did his parents move when he was young?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ovid is a writer whose poetry is still being read two thousand years after he wrote it and people are still relating to it. Why is this?

Part 1. What is it about Ovid's writing that makes it timeless?

Part 2. What part of Ovid's poetry have you managed to relate to personally?

Part 3. Do you think Ovid's work will continue to be accessible to future generations?

Essay Topic 2

Assuming that Ovid has not created a persona for his poems, what is the nature of the man we get to know through his poems?

Part 1. Is it likely that Ovid was writing through a persona or that his poems are from personal experience?

Part 2. What is his character like in the poems? Does it evolve?

Part 3. What logical life history or situation can explain his changing nature?

Essay Topic 3

Rome during Ovid's time is a vast empire and fascinating place. Write an essay about Rome.

Part 1. General information about Rome including its sociology, culture, history, and people.

Part 2. What form of government does Rome have? How is it unique?

Part 3. What social issues plague Rome and what steps are taken to fix them? How does this effect Ovid?

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