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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Amores 1:6, what activity is Ovid engaged in?
(a) Dressing for a social occasion.
(b) Begging his lover to let him come to her.
(c) Entreating the gods to bring his lover to him.
(d) A nightime vigil outside his lovers door as he hopes to be let in.

2. In Amores 2:10, how does Ovid say he would like to die?
(a) In a mid-coital act.
(b) By the hand of his beloved.
(c) Murdered tragically by a jealous husband.
(d) Peacefully in bed.

3. After the attempted abortion, what is Corinna's immediate state?
(a) In danger for her life.
(b) Remorseful and depressed.
(c) Relieved and exhausted.
(d) Still pregnant.

4. Which of the following could be a quote from Amores 1:8?
(a) "But never stay angry too long. A festering quarrel can make permanent enemies."
(b) All of the above.
(c) "A certain bitch, snake, hag."
(d) "Stop worshipping genius, try generosity just for a change."

5. How much focus does Ovid put on poetry when he finishes his education?
(a) He focuses all his attention on poetry.
(b) He nurtures his poetic talent on the side while studying for a lucrative career.
(c) He continues to study it diligently even though he does not think he would ever use it.
(d) He has given up all hope of becoming a poet and does not think of it at all.

6. When Augustus's daughter Julia reaches adulthood, what does she gain notoriety for?
(a) Her subversive political nature.
(b) Marrying the caesar who is her stepfather.
(c) Promiscuity.
(d) Her ability as an orator.

7. Why does Ovid berate the writing tablet in Amores 1:12?
(a) His chalk verses are rubbed off.
(b) It is not big enough to hold everything he wants to say.
(c) None of the above.
(d) Corinna returns it to him, saying she cannot meet him today.

8. What argument does Ovid make for his case in Amores 1:10?
(a) His gifts are verses that immortalize beauty.
(b) If making love gives pleasure to both, why should she reap and he pay?
(c) Females of the animal kingdom do not fleece their males.
(d) All the above.

9. What does Ovid constantly get distracted by while in the arena?
(a) Pretty women passing by.
(b) An incomplete verse he has left.
(c) The girl who accompanies him.
(d) Thoughts of Corinna.

10. Which of the following best characterizes Ovid's poetry?
(a) Shows toleration for marital infidelity.
(b) None of the above.
(c) Undercuts the regime in power.
(d) Is bucolic and pastoral.

11. What is Ovid tempted to do when good men die untimely deaths?
(a) Weep for the injustice of the world.
(b) See the execution of bad men.
(c) Make them immortal in his verses.
(d) Deny that the gods exist.

12. Which of the following best characterizes the leadership of the Roman Empire during Ovid's life?
(a) They are wealthy merchants able to buy their way into power.
(b) They are from Gaul.
(c) They combine political and military leadership.
(d) They are the strongest men in the country.

13. How does Ovid's first marriage end?
(a) He loses his wife and child in childbirth.
(b) Divorce after only a couple years.
(c) None of the above.
(d) His father casts out his wife after catching her in an affair.

14. In Amores 2:17, what attribute of Corinna does Ovid say keeps him enslaved?
(a) Her good heart.
(b) Her beauty.
(c) Her innocence.
(d) Her passion for him.

15. In Amores 2:9, what does Ovid argue that he should quit?
(a) Taking recklass risks.
(b) The field of love.
(c) Smoking.
(d) Corinna.

Short Answer Questions

1. What social trouble plagues the upper classes of Rome?

2. To whom is Ovid speaking in Amores 1:6 as he sits outside the door?

3. What does Ovid say that soldiers have that he does not?

4. What is one of the clear causes of Ovid's banishment from Rome?

5. What is the forte of the parrot that dies in Amores 2:6?

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