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Teach Ovid

You have been chosen by a literary group to introduce the works of Ovid to today's youth in inner city schools. What do you do to make Ovid approachable and accessible? Design an activity to interest young readers in Ovid's work.


Write an elegy to a deceased pet. If you cannot make it in elegiac couplets, try any other form of verse or rhyme that suits you.

Write a poem with Ovid.

Choose a theme that Ovid has some lines that are applicable to, and write other lines that go with them. Arrange the lines from his poems and your own original lines to make a poem you have written together.

Pimp your diary.

In some ways, the Amores is Ovid's diary and recollections of events that happen to him. He made his "diary" or journal timeless and artful by putting it in verse and...

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