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Essay Topic 1

Write a biography on the author Ovid.

Part 1. When and where does Ovid live? What does he pursue as a career? Is he successful in his career?

Part 2. When does Ovid start writing poetry? Is he able to create a reputation for himself as a good poet?

Part 3. What reason is given for his banished from Rome? How does his life end?

Essay Topic 2

Ovid's banishment from Rome remains one of the great historical mysteries. There are many clues and theories about the details of his banishment and what caused it. Write an essay covering in detail the known facts in the situation and the various theories regarding the unknown parts of his banishment.

Part 1. What concrete information do we have about Ovid's banishment? What is the official reason given for it?

Part 2. What important information is not known regarding Ovid's banishment? How do we know...

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