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Book 1, Prefaces & Introduction : Chapter 1, Prefaces and Introductions

• Ovid is born outside of Rome a few years before Christ.

• His parents move the family to Rome when he is young for the sake of his education.

• Although Ovid shows talent as a poet from a young age, his father encourages him to become a senator because there is no money in poetry.

• Rome is founded on combined military and political leadership, so political leaders also have to have strong military careers.

• Ovid is groomed for a political career that did not require military service, and it is implied that there is a medical reason for this.
• Ovid obeys his father and studies law under a master called Macer. He continues to develop his poetry under Macer's tutelage.

• Ovid marries three times. His first marriage occurs when he is very young. He finishes his education after his divorce from his...

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