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Jack McDevitt
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three: Beta Pac: Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harvey Sill ask Jake Kraus to do?
(a) Quit and come back to Kosmik.
(b) Drop his snowball into the ocean on Quraqua.
(c) Increase his output.
(d) Decrease his output.

2. What does Carson ask Truscott to do when she tells the group that she must leave just days before the Ashley Tee is due to arrive?
(a) That they allow the passengers to vote.
(b) That they be left in a pod until it arrives.
(c) That Melanie just remain a few more days.
(d) That she investigate the possibility of ruins first.

3. How high is the wave in the deep sea?
(a) About one meter.
(b) About four meters.
(c) About two meters.
(d) About three meters.

4. What changes does Hutch see in Frank since the Temple on Quraqua?
(a) He has aged, is more reflective and less optimistic.
(b) He is ready, willing and demonstrative.
(c) He is more willing to take changes, more daring.
(d) He is fearful, hesitant and indecisive.

5. When do Hutch and Richard arrive at Quraqua?
(a) June 6th.
(b) September 4th.
(c) August 5th.
(d) July 3rd.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the Catherine Perch find itself approaching on April 11th?

2. How many possibilities do Hutch and Frank narrow the monument maker's home to?

3. What is surprising about the figure Harry discovers in the friezes on the Temple?

4. Who does Hutch call for help?

5. How many members does Hutch manage to get aboard the shuttle?

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