Objects & Places from The Engines of God

Jack McDevitt
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Iapetus Monument

Located on the moon of Saturn, this has taloned hands with six digits on each that reach towards Saturn.

Flickinger Field

This is a bubble of articulated energy that provides breathing space.


These are warm-blooded, bi-pedaled, and furred creatures that have a vaguely reptilian look that resembles an alligator with a thin long jaw and mindless looking grin.


This is a planet lit by naked white sunlight where Holtzmyer's Rock resembles a giant red onion on a sand dune.

Holtzmyer's Rock

Standing more than thirty meters in height, this is composed of individual pieces of stone fitted together with such care that the seams were difficult to find even up close.

Project Hope

This is the name of Norman Caseway's project to colonize Quraqua and turn it into a second Earth.

Toynbee Factor

This is the name given to the condition a species suffers...

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