The Engines of God Fun Activities

Jack McDevitt
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Pilot Your Own Starship

Keep a detailed log of a trip to a planet orbiting a nearby star. What do you find? What finds you?


Draw the city of Oz as described in the book.

Sketch Artist

Draw a rendition of the Striders and of the beach monkeys found on Quraqua.

A Fitting Epitaph

Write an epitaph for Richard that adequately conveys his contribution to his field, and his dedication to the work he did.

You Are A Witness.

Write an incident report that explains what happened to Richard and why he lost his life.

Artifacts Recovered.

Write an inventory of the artifacts discovered at Quraqua. Use creative license to describe some of the pieces if necessary to make an inventory list that would satisfy the Academy upon your return.

Take A Well Deserved Rest!

You've made it back to Earth. After being gone for some time...

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