The Engines of God Character Descriptions

Jack McDevitt
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Priscilla Hutchins

A pilot who operates as a private contractor shuttling goods and people between the planets.

Frank Carson

A retired Colonel from the army of the North American Union who is a gifted amateur archaeologist.

Richard Wald

A household name in the archaeological field who is sixty years of age and filled with exuberance and vitality.

Melanie Truscott

Born in Dayton, Ohio, on December 11th in the year 2161, this person wrote extensively on subjects that involved greenhouse and climate changing conditions in the oceans.

Janet Allegri

This person has been on Quraqua for three years and has lived a good part of adult life there.

Henry Jacobi

Described as homely, this person is a master of the social graces, and is well liked by all.

Maggie Tufu

This is the chief philologist or code breaker considered to be the reader of impossible inscriptions who has a reputation...

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