The Engines of God Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jack McDevitt
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Prologue and Part One: Moonrise: Chapters 1 and 2

• The Engines of God is a novel that takes place beginning in the year 2197.

• Earth is attempting to ready the planet Quraqua for terraforming.

• Called Project Hope, it is to be the future of mankind and a new start for its inhabitants.

• Archaeologists are attempting to discover the meaning behind a selection of monuments found.

• Scattered on different orbs in the galaxy, they are obviously created by the same race.

• Quraqua may hold the key to this mystery in the recently uncovered ruins.

• In 2202, archaeologists find a figure that is also on Iapetus and try to extend the time they have.

• After 28 years on Quraqua, they still don't fully understand the two civilizations that occupied it.
• Henry's team breaks through to the Temple of the Winds, a large space under water.

• It is filled with friezes that depict the story of...

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