The Endless Steppe; Growing Up in Siberia Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Esther Hautzig
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21 and Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Anna Semyonovna announce that there would be a declamation contest?
(a) November 1945.
(b) December 1945.
(c) January 1946.
(d) February 1946.

2. What was the name of the boy who Esther had a crush upon?
(a) Anton.
(b) Vladmir.
(c) Yuri.
(d) Viktor.

3. Later, how many Polish people did Esther learn were deported as "class enemies"?
(a) More than a million.
(b) 750,000.
(c) A little less than a million.
(d) 550,000.

4. What color curtains did Esther have in her bedroom in Chapter 1?
(a) Blue and white.
(b) Yellow.
(c) Pink and white.
(d) Green.

5. What did some girls bring the prisoners who slept in the schoolroom?
(a) Cheese.
(b) Bread.
(c) Peaches.
(d) Watermelon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What skill did Esther learn from Natasha?

2. Why didn't a mother knit a sweater for her daughter, but instead had Esther knit it?

3. What disease ran rampant during the Rudomins' second summer in Siberia?

4. What was Natasha's baby given when she cried?

5. How many hours did it take Esther and Grandmother Anna to walk to Rubtsovsk?

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