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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Rough Theatre, part 1 (p. 73 to 92).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author believes the science of theatre building demands studying what it is, which brings about the most what?
(a) Connectedness with the stage and audience.
(b) Separation of the spectators.
(c) Holiness.
(d) Vivid relationship between people.

2. "When the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of King Lear toured through Europe, the production was steadily improving and the best performances lay between" where?
(a) Paris and Sicily.
(b) Norway and Ireland.
(c) Moscow and Ukraine.
(d) Budapest and Moscow.

3. The author writes that New York has potentially the best audience in the world, but they don't go to the theatre. Why?
(a) The lack of culture.
(b) The price is too high.
(c) The work is too shabby.
(d) The creative impulse doesn't exist.

4. The author contends that "we do not know how to celebrate, because we do not know ____ to celebrate."
(a) When.
(b) Why.
(c) Where.
(d) What.

5. Of what does the author write, "three needs become one: it exists for the sake of performing, it earns its living through performing and its performances contain the most intense and intimate moments of its collective life"?
(a) The Laboratory.
(b) The Theatre of Cruelty.
(c) The Living Theatre.
(d) The Motion Picture Industry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who challenged Stanislavsky, proposing a different style of playing?

2. According to Brook, "Beckett's dark plays are plays of ______, where the desperate object created is witness of the ferocity of the wish to bear witness to the truth."

3. Brook claims there are two ways of "speaking about the human condition: there is the process of inspiration" and the process of what?

4. Who allegedly saw a play for the first time in their lives and were confronted with Waiting for Godot with no problem at all in following what, to regular theatre-goers, was incomprehensible?

5. Which production does the author refer to in Paris which was a flop, so they offered three free performances?

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