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Claire Messud
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Bootie's opinion on the whole city of Manhattan?
(a) It is rotting.
(b) It is overwhelming.
(c) It is cruel.
(d) It is fabulous.

2. On what day does Chapter 58 take place?
(a) November 24, 2001.
(b) September 11, 2001.
(c) January 1, 2002
(d) December 25, 2002.

3. Bootie's expose of Murray coincides with ___________ view of Murray.
(a) Danielle's.
(b) Annabel's.
(c) Ludo's.
(d) Julius'.

4. What news does David share with Julius when he returns home?
(a) He wants to get married.
(b) He wants to take a vacation.
(c) He has been fired.
(d) He bought a new car.

5. Where does the Thwaite family usually spend the holidays?
(a) Stockbridge.
(b) Hyde Park.
(c) Aspen.
(d) Buffalo.

6. What kind of job does Bootie find?
(a) Busboy.
(b) Usher.
(c) Doorman.
(d) Cab driver.

7. What does David do when he finds Julius in the bathroom stall with the stranger?
(a) He stalks away.
(b) He beats the other man.
(c) He cries.
(d) He beats Julius.

8. What does Murray think about Marina's book?
(a) It is a nice vacation book.
(b) It is a great first attempt.
(c) It is going to be a bestseller.
(d) It is not worthy of publishing.

9. What consumes Ludo so much that he ignores Marina?
(a) Fashion week.
(b) His apartment remodel.
(c) His new car.
(d) The magazine launch.

10. Why does Danielle not want to spend the holiday with the Thwaites?
(a) She is depressed over the holidays.
(b) She has a work deadline.
(c) She is having an affair with Murray.
(d) She has had a fight with Marina.

11. What is one of the things that Danielle does in preparation for her tryst with Murray?
(a) Gets her hair highlighted.
(b) Gets a pedicure.
(c) Buys new lingerie.
(d) Puts nice sheets on the bed.

12. What advice does Ludo give Marina about her father?
(a) Don't interfere in his life.
(b) Get him psychological help.
(c) Don't give his opinions any credence.
(d) Move away from him.

13. To whom does Marina give copies of her manuscript to read?
(a) Murray and Danielle.
(b) Annabel and Bootie.
(c) Murray and Ludo.
(d) Annabel and Danielle.

14. In what condition does Bootie leave the location in #121?
(a) He leaves some dishes in the sink.
(b) He cleans up the biggest messes.
(c) He is meticulous about cleaning up.
(d) He leaves a big mess.

15. What does Bootie think will make Marina fall in love with him?
(a) His floral bouquets.
(b) His expose of her father.
(c) His dinner dates.
(d) His expensive gifts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Judy call Murray?

2. What does Danielle think she is to Murray?

3. Julius is feeling guilty because he did not take the train to __________ as planned.

4. What injury does Julius sustain in the fight?

5. What is Bootie working on in Chapter 38?

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