Objects & Places from The Emperor's Children

Claire Messud
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Murray's Office

This is the inner sanctum of the Thwaite house where no one is allowed to come in without permission, and when they are allowed in, nothing can be touched or rearranged.

Danielle's Studio Apartment

This has a large, south facing window that reveals a beautiful view of the city, and on September 11th, a horrific view of the terrorist attacks.

Stockbridge Family House

This is the Thwaite family retreat from the city; antique in style, but modern and very solid in construction.

Watertown Home of Judy and Bootie Tubb

This place is described as spacious but crumbling, which represent the lives of its inhabitants.

Julius' Pitt Street Apartment

This place represents a haven of secret and dangerous sexual alliances: seedy, dark, insect ridden.


The city represents America in this novel, full of intelligent, creative, and progressive people who are comfortable with their lives.

Bootie's Dress Shoes

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