The Emperor's Children Multiple Choice Test Questions

Claire Messud
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MARCH - Chapter 1, Our Chef is Very Famous in London, Chapter 2, Bootie, The Professor, Chapter 3, Reflexology, and Chapter 4, As for Julius Clarke

1. In what city does THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN take place?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Columbus.
(c) Detroit.
(d) Manhattan.

2. In what year does THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN take place?
(a) 1990.
(b) 2001.
(c) 1976.
(d) 1965.

3. What is Danielle Minkoff's profession?
(a) Model.
(b) Professor.
(c) Ad agency executive.
(d) Television documentary producer.

4. Who is the mysterious man Danielle meets at a party in Sydney?
(a) Gregor.
(b) David.
(c) Maximillian.
(d) Ludo.

5. What is Frederick Tubb's nickname?
(a) Biff.
(b) Buddy.
(c) Bootie.
(d) Bongo.

6. In what New York city does Frederick Tubb live?
(a) Rhinebeck.
(b) Watertown.
(c) Buffalo.
(d) Albany.

7. In what city had Frederick Tubb attended college?
(a) Peoria.
(b) Oswego.
(c) Albany.
(d) Raleigh.

8. Who is Frederick's mother?
(a) Janelle.
(b) Judy.
(c) Janice.
(d) Janie.

9. Where is Marina Thwaite's family's vacation home located?
(a) Watertown.
(b) Stockbridge.
(c) Hyde Park.
(d) Poughkeepsie.

10. Why is Marina at her family's vacation home?
(a) To take a vacation.
(b) To sell the house.
(c) To work on her manuscript.
(d) To prepare for the holidays.

11. Which friend joins Marina at the vacation home?
(a) Michael.
(b) Devon.
(c) Randy.
(d) Julius.

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