The Emperor's Children Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Claire Messud
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MARCH - Chapter 1, Our Chef is Very Famous in London, Chapter 2, Bootie, The Professor, Chapter 3, Reflexology, and Chapter 4, As for Julius Clarke

• Danielle Minkoff is in Sydney, Australia, researching a television documentary when she meets Ludo, a man to whom she is instantly attracted.

• In Watertown, New York, Frederick "Bootie" Tubb is trying to decide what to do with his life now that he has left college to embark on a self-study program.

• Bootie lives with his mother, Judy, who is the sister of Murray Thwaite, a Manhattan luminary.
• Julius Clarke and Marina Thwaite are at Marina's family's vacation home in Stockbridge; Marina is supposed to be working on her manuscript and Julius has joined her to keep her company.

Chapter 5, Poetry Makes Nothing Happen, Chapter 6, The Pope is Sick, Chapter 7, Introducing Murray Thwaite, by Roanne Levine (newspaper staff)

• Murray Thwaite is lecturing at a university seminar and...

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