The Emperor: Downfall of an Autocrat Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ryszard Kapuściński
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Part 1: The Throne, Pages 3-16

• Kapuschinski discusses the conditions in Ethiopia when he arrived there.

• The nation was oppressed and governed by a harsh dictatorship.

• It was necessary for him to avoid detection or be arrested.

• Informants were reluctant to discuss the deceased Emperor Haile Sellasie. They had learned to trust no one.

• Many had been killed or imprisoned. Others had fled the country.

• Kapuschinski does not include the real names of his informants in order to protect their identities.

• Haile Sellasie was a small, thin man, who slept as little as possible in order to tend to his Empire.

• The first daily order of business was to listen to briefs presented by informants.

• Since Sellasie was illiterate, he received all his information orally.
• This also had the benefit of making it tough for Sellasie to be accountable for bad decisions. He could blame the information provided by...

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