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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20, Stories On The Afterdeck.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Neither Karl Oskar nor his children face _____________________.
(a) a better future.
(b) reality.
(c) illness.
(d) spirituality.

2. Who is the captain of the ship the immigrants take to America?
(a) Captain Lorentz.
(b) Captain Abbott.
(c) Captain Svenson.
(d) Captain Nyberg.

3. Frederik is fleeing Sweden because he got ______________ girls pregnant.
(a) three.
(b) six.
(c) five.
(d) two.

4. In what year does the ship carrying the immigrants sail for America?
(a) 1690.
(b) 1891.
(c) 1790.
(d) 1850.

5. Karl Oskar wants his children to be _________________________.
(a) musicians.
(b) German citizens.
(c) more than farmhands.
(d) doctors.

Short Answer Questions

1. The passengers on the Charlotta are mostly _________________.

2. Which of Karl Oskar and Kristina's children dies?

3. In reality, Frederik is not _____________________.

4. What do the immigrants most regret about going to America?

5. What does the child in #65 eat that causes her death?

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