The Emigrants Character Descriptions

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Karl Oskar

He comes from the Nilsa family that has lived in Smaland for generations, and his one feature showing that he belongs to his family is his big nose.


At seventeen, she is tall and fully grown but retains some childish features; she enjoys swinging even at twenty-three as a mother with four children.


He was disobedient since he was a child when he often ran away; his parents would hang a cowbell around his neck, but it did not help.

Danjel Andreasson

He is the closest relative of Ake Stevenson, who is the founder of the Akian faith, and he follows the vision he has where Ake comes to him with Jesus Christ, who tells him to continue Ake's preaching.


Arvid is an older farm hand who has grown sturdy and strong, but with a silky beard, and reddish skin and old frostbites...

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