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Part 1: Chapter 1, King In His Stone Kingdom

• Karl Oskar inherits his land in 1844, the same year in which King Oskar I ascends the throne of Sweden and Norway.

• With the property, Karl also inherits a debt worth three quarters of its value, and he must work for as long as he lives to repay it.

• Karl Oskar's parents, Marta and Nils, own a homestead in Korpamoen, where they live with their other son, Robert, and a daughter named Lydia.

• Karl Oskar and his father are in conflict about the way of doing things, so Karl Oskar leaves home as a teenager to hire out as a farmhand.
• Karl meets a girl named Kristina, who is being treated for gangrene at the home of Berta, who has healing knowledge.

• Kristina's relative, Ake Svenson, is the founder of the Akian religious sect, which is despised in the local community.

• In...

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