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Terry Brooks
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Wil and Amberle sleep the first night?
(a) In a grove of cottonwood.
(b) In a meadow.
(c) In a cave.
(d) In a grove of spruce tress.

2. What did Wil find when he had turned to talk to Amberle?
(a) That she was in a coma.
(b) That she was dead.
(c) That she was gone.
(d) That she would not be stirred.

3. What was the Demon's plan for the night?
(a) To kill the Brethren.
(b) To murder the upper class elves.
(c) To kill all the Chosen.
(d) To create an earthquake.

4. Where would they find Amberle?
(a) Herested,
(b) Sampsted.
(c) Hampstead.
(d) Havenstead.

5. What kinds of humanoids populated Storlock?
(a) Gnomes.
(b) Elves.
(c) Humans.
(d) Dwarfs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Wil been doing?

2. What would weaken every day?

3. What didn't Wil believe for a moment?

4. What immobilized the group?

5. How many elves were Chosen?

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