Objects & Places from The Elfstones of Shannara

Terry Brooks
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The Ellcrys

This is the enchanted tree that maintains the a spell to keep the demons at bay.


This is a wolfhound belonging to Eventine.


Given to the Healer by his grandfather, when utilized, these objects can protect both Healer and Chosen.


This is the place within the Hollows that contains the Bloodfire.


This is a magical thing that gives life to the Ellcrys seed.


These are elven youth selected by the enchanted tree to look after her.


This is the Elven city where the enchanted tree lives.

The Staff of Power

This is wielded by the leader of the Demon army.


This is the giant dog that belongs to Hebel.

The Forbidding

This is the spell which keeps the demons at bay.

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