The Elfstones of Shannara Fun Activities

Terry Brooks
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Not Just Any Tree

Draw a picture of the Ellcrys.

Elfstones of Your Own

Take pebbles and create your own Elfstones using the book as your guide.

If Not to be Chosen

Discuss what might have been between Wil and Amberle had she not had the mission to undergo and fulfill.

Ready, Set, Action

Enact by yourself or with a group, one of your favorite scenes from the book.

Before and After

Create an conceptual drawing of Allanon before and after the use of his magic.

A Perk Up

Create a drawing of Perk as represented by the novel.

Thou Shalt Obey

Create a list of elven laws.

Rover Garb

Create an outfit as might befit a Rover using the descriptions from the book.

Elven News

Create a news broadcast as though there were reporters. Pick one event and create a journalistic report on it.

If She Had Been Sold

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