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Muriel Barbery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jacinthe Rosen do for Renee?
(a) Push for a raise.
(b) Introduces her to the new tenent in the building.
(c) Give her a gift certificate.
(d) Push for better benefits.

2. What does a courier deliver to Renee?
(a) A small cat statue.
(b) A pair of tickets.
(c) An expensive book.
(d) An invitation.

3. What surprises Renee about Kakuro's last name?
(a) It is German.
(b) It is the same as both a favorite author and filmmaker of Renee's.
(c) It is not Japanese.
(d) It is the same as another Japanese man she knows.

4. Why is Renee embarrassed?
(a) She needs to use the bathroom.
(b) She falls into him when she stumbles on the door step.
(c) She thought a particular painting was done by someone else.
(d) She trips on the floor mat.

5. What does Paloma tell Renee Paloma knows about the woman?
(a) That Kakuro is sweet on Renee.
(b) That Renee is lonely.
(c) That Kakuro is sweet on Manuela.
(d) That Renee is quite intelligent.

6. About what is Manuela joyful?
(a) Planning a trip to Portugal.
(b) Seeing Renee happy.
(c) Getting a visa to go home.
(d) Quitting her job with Madame Pallieres.

7. What do Kakuro and Renee make plans to do?
(a) Take Paloma on an outing.
(b) Go to the Japanese Tea Gardens.
(c) Visit the art museum.
(d) Watch The Munekata Sisters.

8. What makes Paloma feel hope?
(a) Realizing Renee is not who she implies she is.
(b) Her mother giving her a sincere hug.
(c) Meeting Kakuro.
(d) A realization about where life can take her.

9. What surprises Manuela when she arrives at Renee's apartment?
(a) Renee is gone but Columbe is there.
(b) Renee is crying.
(c) Renee has a black eye.
(d) Paloma being there.

10. What does Renee think to herself about her interest in painting?
(a) She wishes she were more up on modern artists.
(b) She wishes she could paint.
(c) She should dumb that down also.
(d) She wishes she could afford even reproductions of good art.

11. Who has Monsieur Ozu fired?
(a) The cook.
(b) The maintenance man.
(c) The Grelier.
(d) The Butler.

12. What overwhelms Paloma?
(a) Hearing Kakuro play the piano.
(b) Seeing Renee all dressed up.
(c) Seeing Kakuro in traditional Japanese dress.
(d) The sound of the school's choir in concert.

13. What is Paloma escaping?
(a) Talking to her mother.
(b) Her family.
(c) A boy two floors down.
(d) A difficult school assignment.

14. What do Renee and Kakuro discuss before he shows her his kitchen?
(a) The tapestry hanging in the entryway.
(b) The haiku poem he gives her.
(c) The way the Japanese value austerity.
(d) The painting in the entryway.

15. What does Renee find not up to her standards?
(a) Columbe's master's thesis.
(b) The new decorations in the lobby.
(c) Paloma's own poetry.
(d) The curriculum that Paloma wants to study next semester.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Yoko?

2. Why does Renee invite Paloma into her apartment?

3. What disturbs Paloma about the therapist?

4. Why does Paloma's mother take her to a therapist?

5. What amazes Renee about her new hair style?

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