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Muriel Barbery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Kakuro and Renee make plans to do?
(a) Visit the art museum.
(b) Watch The Munekata Sisters.
(c) Go to the Japanese Tea Gardens.
(d) Take Paloma on an outing.

2. What is one topic Renee and Kakuro discuss over dinner?
(a) The rancor that some in France feel towards Orientals.
(b) Paloma.
(c) The fact that Renee is young to be in charge of the entire building.
(d) Renee's lack of education.

3. What does Renee think people with good educations should do?
(a) Dedicate their lives to making the world better.
(b) Appreciate their opportunity for a good education.
(c) Do more than make money.
(d) Be responsible for their ideas.

4. What is Paloma fascinated about concerning the therapist?
(a) His hands are smaller than Paloma's hands.
(b) He has a bald spot on the side of his head.
(c) He does not seem to move even when he talks.
(d) His eyes are two different colors.

5. What is Renee thinking about when someone knocks on her door?
(a) Having given herself away to Kakuro.
(b) Learning to play bridge.
(c) How to redeem herself with Manuela.
(d) What to read for the evening.

6. What does Renee think to herself about her interest in painting?
(a) She should dumb that down also.
(b) She wishes she could afford even reproductions of good art.
(c) She wishes she could paint.
(d) She wishes she were more up on modern artists.

7. What amazes Renee about her new hair style?
(a) It is simple yet elegant.
(b) It bespeaks a woman of taste.
(c) It seems so chic.
(d) It is so fluffy.

8. What wakes Renee early the next morning?
(a) A crash.
(b) A knock on her door.
(c) A phone call.
(d) A scream.

9. What does Paloma wonder what might be the true movement of the world?
(a) Voices raised in song.
(b) Piano music.
(c) Hands clasping each other.
(d) The sound of the ocean waves.

10. What surprises Manuela when she and Renee are talking about Renee's upcoming dinner date?
(a) That Renee does not have a suitable dress.
(b) That Renee is not nervous.
(c) That Renee had even thought of turning Kakuro down.
(d) That Renee is terribly nervous.

11. What does Renee do in response to the gift?
(a) Goes and knocks on Kakuro's door.
(b) Writes a thank you note right away.
(c) Nothing yet.
(d) Sends the book back.

12. Who is Marguerite?
(a) Renee's niece.
(b) Paloma's friend.
(c) Paloma's cousin.
(d) The dressmaker.

13. Why does Paloma threaten to spread rumors about the therapist?
(a) To see if he is a good therapist.
(b) To see if he is able to read her well.
(c) To provoke him into making Paloma leave.
(d) To get him to move.

14. What makes Paloma feel hope?
(a) Her mother giving her a sincere hug.
(b) A realization about where life can take her.
(c) Meeting Kakuro.
(d) Realizing Renee is not who she implies she is.

15. About what does Paloma contradict a teacher of hers?
(a) Grammar.
(b) Dissection.
(c) Geography.
(d) A poem.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Renee invite Paloma into her apartment?

2. What is Paloma escaping?

3. Who calls Kakuro?

4. What do Paloma and Kakuro decide to do?

5. Why does Renee wear a handkerchief to work?

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