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Muriel Barbery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one topic Renee and Kakuro discuss over dinner?
(a) Renee's lack of education.
(b) The fact that Renee is young to be in charge of the entire building.
(c) Paloma.
(d) The rancor that some in France feel towards Orientals.

2. What does Renee find refreshing about rumors of Kakuro's apartment?
(a) It has no heavy-style furniture.
(b) It is painted in shades of white.
(c) It has no carpets.
(d) There is nothing superfluous.

3. What does Paloma's mother ask Renee?
(a) If Paloma may help Renee in her duties.
(b) If it is alright for Paloma to spend time at Renee's apartment.
(c) If Renee is dating Kakuro.
(d) If Renee knows the young man who is the concierge in the next building.

4. What Japanese tradition does Kakuro explain?
(a) That the more powerful person pours the tea for the less powerful person.
(b) That the younger person pours the tea for the older person.
(c) That they take off their shoes.
(d) That they hide the sounds of flushing.

5. What does Renee think people with good educations should do?
(a) Appreciate their opportunity for a good education.
(b) Dedicate their lives to making the world better.
(c) Be responsible for their ideas.
(d) Do more than make money.

6. Why does Paloma threaten to spread rumors about the therapist?
(a) To see if he is a good therapist.
(b) To get him to move.
(c) To provoke him into making Paloma leave.
(d) To see if he is able to read her well.

7. What makes Paloma wonder what else a person might ignore?
(a) When Kakuro ignores someone who mutters something about Japanese.
(b) When Paloma's father ignores a terribly hungry person on the street.
(c) When Renee pretends she hears no insults from a tenant.
(d) When the two people she observes in a fight both ignore their right hands.

8. Why is Paloma surprised that the new tenant wants to have tea with her mother?
(a) Because her mother's father was the commander in occupied Japan.
(b) Because her mother is black.
(c) Because most of the tenents shun her mother.
(d) Because her mother cannot speak English very well.

9. What does Paloma wonder what might be the true movement of the world?
(a) Piano music.
(b) Hands clasping each other.
(c) Voices raised in song.
(d) The sound of the ocean waves.

10. About what does Paloma contradict a teacher of hers?
(a) Grammar.
(b) Dissection.
(c) Geography.
(d) A poem.

11. Who calls Kakuro?
(a) His daughter.
(b) His mother.
(c) His son.
(d) His broker.

12. What does Renee do in response to the gift?
(a) Writes a thank you note right away.
(b) Sends the book back.
(c) Goes and knocks on Kakuro's door.
(d) Nothing yet.

13. Why is Renee embarrassed?
(a) She thought a particular painting was done by someone else.
(b) She needs to use the bathroom.
(c) She trips on the floor mat.
(d) She falls into him when she stumbles on the door step.

14. How does Kakuro ask Renee to dinner?
(a) Sends her an invitation with Paloma.
(b) Calls her on the phone.
(c) Comes in person to her door.
(d) Sends her an invitation with his assistant.

15. Who are Levin and Kitty?
(a) Paloma's cousins.
(b) Brother and sister who come by the building every morning with the newspapers.
(c) Kakuro's cats.
(d) The only other children in the building.

Short Answer Questions

1. What amazes Renee about her new hair style?

2. From what book does Renee quote after meeting Kakuro?

3. What does a courier deliver to Renee?

4. What is Renee thinking about when someone knocks on her door?

5. How does Renee feel before Kakuro?

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