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Muriel Barbery
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What follows on the heels of the statement that Paloma thinks is totally wrong?
(a) Paloma tells the speaker how she feels.
(b) A profound thought.
(c) Many people agree with the ridiculous statement.
(d) Laughter.

2. What does Renee think of what she read of this author?
(a) It is easy to understand but difficult to see any practical applications.
(b) It is brilliant.
(c) It is nonsense.
(d) It is confusing but has merit.

3. What can Renee hear just after Chabrot comes to tell Renee that Arthens has died?
(a) A tower clock striking.
(b) A cat howl.
(c) A dog yelp.
(d) Someone playing a Japanese tune on a piano.

4. How is Paloma's mother is towards everything else besides the one important thing?
(a) Antagonistic.
(b) Mildly interested.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Occasionally excited.

5. How does Renee perceive that Arthens speaks to her?
(a) As though she is unintelligent.
(b) As though she reads minds.
(c) As though she is his servant.
(d) As though he is flirting with her.

6. Where does Paloma hear a statement she thinks is totally wrong?
(a) A church christening.
(b) A formal family dinner.
(c) A dinner party.
(d) A polo match.

7. What does Renee reply to Arthens' son's question?
(a) She does not have the education to qualify for a different job.
(b) Job.
(c) Camellias.
(d) She has no idea and maybe he should stop using it.

8. What is one modern writer Renee enjoys reading?
(a) Haruki Marakami.
(b) Michael Connelly.
(c) Stephen King.
(d) Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

9. What astounds Renee by a note she receives about some dry cleaning?
(a) The writer includes "please" and "thank you."
(b) The note is on beautifully exquisite paper.
(c) The bad grammar.
(d) The handwriting is exquisitely beautiful.

10. How does Madame Badoise injure her ankle?
(a) Running for a taxi.
(b) Dancing in high heels.
(c) Tripping on the lobby carpet.
(d) Separating Athena and Neptune.

11. Where is Manuela from?
(a) Portugal.
(b) Ireland.
(c) Spain.
(d) Italy.

12. Who watched Neptune and Athena attempt this?
(a) Paloma.
(b) Manuela.
(c) No one.
(d) Renee.

13. What does Paloma feel Columbe's goal in life is?
(a) To gain their mother's attention.
(b) To break men's hearts.
(c) To crush Paloma.
(d) To prove her worth to their mother.

14. Why does Renee hide her intelligence from others?
(a) She is afraid others will take advantage of her.
(b) She is afraid of being asked something she does not know.
(c) She thinks poor people are not supposed to be intelligent.
(d) She is afraid no one will associate with her.

15. How does Renee characterize that dog?
(a) Beautiful but helpless.
(b) Ugly and useless.
(c) Friendly but bites.
(d) Ugly but necessary.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Paloma think is interesting regarding Maître Arthens?

2. Which of Tolstoy's books does Renee love in particular?

3. What do Athena and Neptune attempt to do?

4. What do Renee's clients have in common?

5. What has Renee never had?

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