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Muriel Barbery
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Paloma: Chapters 1-10, Journal of the Movement of the World No.7 and Profound Thoughts No. 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can Renee hear just after Chabrot comes to tell Renee that Arthens has died?
(a) A cat howl.
(b) Someone playing a Japanese tune on a piano.
(c) A tower clock striking.
(d) A dog yelp.

2. How does Kakuro respond when Renee quotes from the book?
(a) He frowns at her audacity.
(b) He laughs.
(c) He finishes the quote.
(d) He tells her she has misquoted.

3. What does Pierre ask of Renee?
(a) For her to show him how to cook eggs.
(b) For her to bring him a package when it's delivered.
(c) For her to run down the street for him.
(d) For her to put a boot cleaner in the lobby.

4. How does Madame Badoise injure her ankle?
(a) Tripping on the lobby carpet.
(b) Dancing in high heels.
(c) Separating Athena and Neptune.
(d) Running for a taxi.

5. What overwhelms Paloma?
(a) Seeing Kakuro in traditional Japanese dress.
(b) The sound of the school's choir in concert.
(c) Hearing Kakuro play the piano.
(d) Seeing Renee all dressed up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Renee do when she leaves school?

2. What does Renee think about concerning art?

3. What is Manuela always scheming to do?

4. Why does Paloma begin to drink something different in the morning?

5. What Japanese tradition does Kakuro explain?

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