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Muriel Barbery
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Paloma: Chapters 1-10, Journal of the Movement of the World No.7 and Profound Thoughts No. 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Paloma and Kakuro decide to do?
(a) Become friends.
(b) Read and discuss a book a week.
(c) Walk in the park daily together.
(d) Find out who Renee really is.

2. What is one result for Renee of Arthens' pending death?
(a) People are kinder to her.
(b) She is much busier.
(c) It causes her to reflect on the meaning of life.
(d) She is not as busy.

3. What does Renee do in response to the gift?
(a) Writes a thank you note right away.
(b) Sends the book back.
(c) Nothing yet.
(d) Goes and knocks on Kakuro's door.

4. What conflict does Paloma witness?
(a) Between her mother and older sister.
(b) Between her father and mother.
(c) Between her mother and another woman at a sale.
(d) Between Renee and one of the tenants.

5. What profoundly moves Paloma one day as she watches two divers on television?
(a) One of them is killed when she hits her head on the diving board.
(b) One of them is paralyzed when she hits her head on the diving board.
(c) They are so harmoniously coordinated in their dives together.
(d) They fail to dive at exactly the same time and speed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What breed is Athena?

2. Why does Paloma begin to drink something different in the morning?

3. What amazes Renee about her new hair style?

4. What surprises Manuela when she and Renee are talking about Renee's upcoming dinner date?

5. Who watched Neptune and Athena attempt this?

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