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Muriel Barbery
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Summer Rain: Chapters 8-18, Journal of the Movement of the World Nos. 5-6 and Profound Thought No. 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Neptune?
(a) Manuela's Macaw.
(b) Madame de Broglie's cat.
(c) A cat that lives in the alleyway near Renee's work.
(d) Madame de Broglie's dog.

2. What disturbs Paloma about the therapist?
(a) The way he looks at her mother.
(b) How he constantly clears his throat.
(c) His indifference to anything she says.
(d) His violent reaction to her threats.

3. Why is Manuela excited about being retained by Kakura?
(a) He has a good-looking cook about her age.
(b) He gave her raise.
(c) He has few demands.
(d) He wants her to reside in his apartment complex.

4. Why is Columbe been driving Paloma crazy?
(a) In talking about Columbe's trip to Venice.
(b) In saying she will recommend their mother not let Paloma be with Kakuro.
(c) In taunting her about her trip to see the therapist.
(d) In bad mouthing the new tenant.

5. What do Kakuro and Renee make plans to do?
(a) Watch The Munekata Sisters.
(b) Go to the Japanese Tea Gardens.
(c) Take Paloma on an outing.
(d) Visit the art museum.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises Renee about Kakuro's last name?

2. What is Renee careful about as she walks to Kakuro's apartment?

3. What does Renee find refreshing about rumors of Kakuro's apartment?

4. Who watched Neptune and Athena attempt this?

5. Why does Paloma threaten to spread rumors about the therapist?

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