Objects & Places from The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Muriel Barbery
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Solange Josse seems to take better care of these than she does her own children.

Sleeping Pills

Paloma steals one each night and hides them.

Beige Dress

Manuela borrows this from her neighbor for Renee to wear to her first dinner date with Kakuro.

Columbe's Master's Thesis

Renee reads an early draft of this and finds it wanting.


Paloma makes observations and writes down profound thoughts in these.


Renee attempts to read a book by this author but finds it to be a whole lot of nonsense, and puts it aside.

Anna Karenina

A novel by Leo Tolstoy.

Ozu Movies

Renee believes these are full of great metaphor.


Where Paloma meets Kakuro.

Dry Cleaning Truck

Renee is hit by this the day after her second dinner date with Kakuro Ozu.

Renee's Loge

Where the concierge lives.

Number 7, rue de Grenelle

The setting for the...

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