The Elegance of the Hedgehog Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Muriel Barbery
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Preamble, Marx: Chapters 1-2 and Profound Thought No. 1

• The son of a tenant where Renee Michel works as a concierge says Marx has changed the way he sees the world.

• She suggests he read "The German Ideology" and he stares at her that a concierge should know about such things.

• Renee has been concierge for twenty years and all of her clients are ultra-wealthy and believe she is unintelligent.

• Renee keeps the television on all day and conversation to a minimum to hide her intelligence. She loves to read.
• Currently Renee is reading "Anna Karenina" and also several writers on philosophy.

• Paloma Josse is a very intelligent and precocious twelve year old girl who knows her life will be lived in a fish bowl.

• Paloma has decided to end her life on her thirteenth birthday. She has thought of various ways of suicide.

• As a big fan of...

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