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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gives a first-hand account of the Kool-Aid Acid Test?
(a) The Blair Witch guy
(b) Clair Brush, a journalist
(c) Clair Danes, an actress
(d) Clarence Brush, a novelist

2. What has San Francisco State University become?
(a) The Harvard of the west
(b) The pot capital of the west
(c) The Yale of the west
(d) The acid heads' true universitas

3. Do the Grateful Dead agree to play at this big party?
(a) They're not a band yet
(b) Yes but they decide not to show up
(c) No, they're under contract to play elsewhere
(d) They never receive a formal invitation

4. Many people in the area think the Pranksters are from:
(a) Japan
(b) Norway
(c) Germany
(d) The Netherlands

5. What confuses the cops about the LSD "crazies"?
(a) They look like zombies
(b) They're so thin
(c) They look so healthy for people doing so much drugs
(d) They look so unhealthy, it's a miracle they're alive

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Kesey planning to go to Mexico?

2. Do all of the Pranksters think giving out laced Kool-Aid without telling people is a good idea?

3. Why are people disappointed in Kesey after the trial?

4. How much time does Kesey serve?

5. Kesey moves with his family to:

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Kesey's response to an imminent arrest?

2. Why did the Pranksters and their followers fall apart after Kesey's trial?

3. Is it ironic that Owsley, who makes LSD, has a such a bad trip that he 'fails' the acid test?

4. Wolfe writes, "To Kesey, it was a hopeless flea-bitten desert he was fleeing into." What are some of the other descriptions Kesey uses to portray Mexico?

5. Is it ironic that Kesey wants to leave the Beatles concert before the crowd gets out of control?

6. What did you think when Kesey returns to La Honda after the concert and finds up to 400 people there?

7. Is this a happy ending?

8. In reading this chapter, what did you think of Kesey's attempt at having a final graduation?

9. What were your thoughts about the Pranksters giving laced Kool-Aid to people without telling them what was in the drink?

10. Why do you think Kesey denies Sandy the Ampex?

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