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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Did Clair know what she was drinking when she went to the warehouse?
(a) No
(b) She had an idea but ignored it
(c) She can't remember
(d) Yes, but she didn't care

2. What stands at the center of the Hall at the Trips Festival?
(a) A disco ball
(b) A small version of the National Monument
(c) A massive statue of Kesey
(d) The Pranksters' Tower of Control

3. What does Page discover?
(a) Mexicans want to join the Pranksters
(b) A Mexican journalist is watching them
(c) A Mexican undercover officer is watching the Pranksters
(d) The Federales are willing to take LSD for their silence

4. Instead of fleeing, Kesey decides to:
(a) Turn himself into the Mexican authorities
(b) Stay in Mexico and assume a new identity
(c) Invite the Mexican officer to a party, the first Mexican Acid Test
(d) Stay in Mexico and start the Mexican Pranksters

5. What happens to Kesey on the rooftop of Stewart Brand's building in San Francisco?
(a) He wears an electric suit
(b) He asks Mountain Girl to marry him
(c) He gets arrested for possession of marijuana
(d) He falls off but doesn't get injured

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Kesey's alias in Guadalajara?

2. There is no greater calamity than the Red Tide in Manzanillo except:

3. Do the Pranksters ever see each other again?

4. Many people in the area think the Pranksters are from:

5. What do some Pranksters think of Babbs's leadership style?

Short Essay Questions

1. Following the success of the Trips Festival, what does Bill Graham do?

2. How does Mountain Girl manage to get off with just a fine for the marijuana charges against her?

3. Do you think that Kesey went on his bizarre rant on stage because the Pranksters arrived late to the the anti-war rally with little reception?

4. Why did the Pranksters and their followers fall apart after Kesey's trial?

5. Is it ironic that Kesey goes to the U.S. Consulate, isn't ironic and even gets money from one of the staff?

6. After Zonker receives a telegram informing the group that the suicide note scheme didn't work, who spreads news that Kesey is in Mexico?

7. What happens to Kesey during the electrical storm on the beach?

8. Once again we see how Kesey controls the group. Describe how he does it this time at Muir Beach?

9. Why do you think Babbs moves the acid tests to Los Angeles?

10. What did you think when Kesey returns to La Honda after the concert and finds up to 400 people there?

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