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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kesey flee the Mexican authorities?
(a) He gives them LSD
(b) He asks very politely
(c) He gets them to shut their eyes and he runs
(d) He gets permission to take a leak in a bush, then jumps on a train

2. Do the Pranksters ever see each other again?
(a) They have a strict meeting date every year at Kesey's house
(b) Four times a year, at the end of each quarter
(c) From time to time they visit Kesey
(d) Never

3. What confuses the cops about the LSD "crazies"?
(a) They look so healthy for people doing so much drugs
(b) They look so unhealthy, it's a miracle they're alive
(c) They're so thin
(d) They look like zombies

4. Who takes over leadership while Kesey's in Mexico?
(a) Faye
(b) Babbs
(c) Mountain Girl
(d) Zonker

5. What does Kesey plan to do to wreck the psychedelic movement once and for all?
(a) Denounce his past completely
(b) Hold a drug-free party for the nation
(c) Join the Grateful Dead
(d) Hold an Acid Test Graduation on Halloween

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is coming to San Francisco in September 1965?

2. How does one pass the acid test?

3. Do the Grateful Dead agree to play at this big party?

4. What does Mountain Girl do after her trial?

5. What is the slogan that the Pranksters use?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Kesey's response to an imminent arrest?

2. Is this a happy ending?

3. Is it ironic that Kesey wants to leave the Beatles concert before the crowd gets out of control?

4. Did Kesey seem to know his fate all along his LSD-Pranksters journey?

5. Why did the Pranksters and their followers fall apart after Kesey's trial?

6. What is it about the Red Tide that is so bothersome?

7. Is it ironic that Kesey goes to the U.S. Consulate, isn't ironic and even gets money from one of the staff?

8. Although nothing happens with the Mexican undercover agent, what does his presence make the Pranksters realize?

9. What did you think when Kesey returns to La Honda after the concert and finds up to 400 people there?

10. Following the success of the Trips Festival, what does Bill Graham do?

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